Breast Augmentation After Care Top Tips

The Recovery period from your recent Breast Augmentation is just as important as preparing and undergoing the surgery. In order to recuperate fully and heal it is advisable to take time out from your current lifestyle to ensure you don’t do yourself any harm. Your aftercare is of the utmost importance and you should consider how you intend to take care/be taken care of post op.

As part of your post op recovery take a look at our Top Tips  to help things go smoothly:

Things you should be doing:

  1. Take Time Off Work: About a week off should do, but during this time you are not to do any strenuous activity or carry out any tasks that may put a strain on your upper body. Ideally, if your partner/relative or friend could take time to help take care of you during this time, that would be great. During this sensitive time it is important that you do not over do anything or push yourself.

  1. Keep Your Wound DRY: Obviously, you will still need to be cleaning yourself daily – but avoid the wounded area and dressings. It would be most appropriate to bathe in water no higher than your waist. This is to ensure that your recent surgical recovery is not compromised by an infection due to damp wounds.

  1. Purchase A Sports Bra: Comfort is key with your recovery period. Preferably purchase a sports bra that accommodates for any postoperative swelling. Buy a sports bra with a larger back size than you usually get (2-4 inches larger minimum) and 2 cup sizes larger than you expect the results of your breast augmentation to be.

  1. Stay Hydrated: Drinking water and stayed as hydrated as possible will aid your body’s recovery and help you to heal faster.

  1. Wear Loose Clothing: For the first few weeks you should be thinking about wearing clothing that is loose fitted and doesn’t tightly fit or pressure your body. Ideally, zip up or button up clothing – this will reduce the amount you are required to lift your arms and stretch unnecessarily. This will prevent discomfort and injury.

Things you should NOT be doing:

  1. Do Not Remove Any Dressings: It is important that you do not tamper or remove and of your wound dressings. If they were to be removed prematurely whilst the wounds were still vulnerable you would be susceptible to an infection which could hinder your recovery and/or lead to scarring.

  1. Do Not Raise Arms: Try to avoid raising your arms, repetitive upper body movements and driving for at least a week post surgery. These activities can be detrimental during the early recovery period.

  1. Do Not Carry Out Any Strenuous Activity: This one is a given. You will more than likely be feeling a little sore and these kinds of activities will bring you discomfort and potentially harm. It is in your interest to relax and try to do as little as possible while recuperating.

  1. Do Not Worry: You may have noticed your breasts looking as though they are sitting fairly high initially. This is nothing to worry about as they will look this way for the first couple of weeks but will start to settle and feel more natural for you after 3-4 weeks.

  1. Do Not Be Overly Expectant: Everyone heals at different rates so maybe lay off any marathons until you have spoken with your consultant. Once your wound dressings have been officially removed by a medical professional you will be assessed and can seek advice from then on. Your recovery is a completely unique and individual experience so it is important you take into account the advice you receive upon consultation.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your recovery and aftercare, don’t hesitate to contact your consultant.