Performing A Natural FaceliftCosmetic surgery is an option if you want to turn back the hands of time but there are also things you can do yourself to fight wrinkles, firm up sagging jowls and double chins and to make your face look more toned and youthful. Daily facial exercises can have a major effect on the muscles in the face, leading to a firmer appearance at the cost of just a few minutes during the day.

The chin lift

Excess skin in the chin area and around the front of your neck can add years onto your appearance. To combat the problem slightly lift your chin and use your middle and index fingers to gently press into your neck at the point where your chin joins. Then clench your molars together and press your tongue up against your front teeth at the bottom. You should be able to feel the contractions with the fingers on your neck. Gently increase your tongue’s pressure against your front teeth as you count to ten. You should then retain this maximum contraction for a minimum of five seconds, and up to 10. Then ease the pressure for 10 seconds and start again. You should repeat the exercise around five times between two and three times each day to get the best results.

Reduce tension and wrinkles

Tense facial muscles can lead to wrinkles and so it can be extremely helpful to take action to relieve the stress. Try giving your forehead a gentle massage several times throughout the day. Put your fingers at the central point of your forehead and then brush them towards your temples three times. Then gently press your palms over the sockets of your eyes. Sweep your fingertips down the side of your face past your cheeks three times and then repeat the complete process at least three times for maximum stress-relief.

Firm cheeks

If the days when your cheeks sat pertly on your face like rosy little apples seem like nothing more than a distant memory, take action to firm up the muscles in this area of your face, while toning up your jaw line and your mouth area at the same time. Start these exercise by sitting with your face relaxed and your lips softly closed together. Then, pucker up your lips as though you were preparing for a kiss before pouting them out to the point where you cannot stretch them forward any more. You should be able to feel this exercise working on the muscles in your mouth area, along your jaw line and in your cheeks if you are doing it right. If not, it’s time to practice a little more. Once you have perfected the technique, hold your maximum pout for around 10 seconds before relaxing and starting all over again. You should aim to repeat this exercise between 10 and 20 times each day if you want to achieve the best possible effects.