Although we’ve been rather lucky in avoiding the subzero temperatures so far this Winter forecasters predict that we are in for a cold couple of months which can cause havoc on your skin. The combination of bitter winds and rain couples with hot showers and central heating can leave your skin dry, dull and irritated. Fear not, it is not all doom and gloom we’ve put our heads together here at Elanic to give you our expert skincare tips to leave you with a glowing complexion, no matter how cold it gets this winter!

New Year, New Complexion! How To Get A Glowing Complexion This January

#1 Turn Down Your Central Heating – We know this is easier said than done, especially when you come in on a cold dark evening and the thermostat looks more tempting than usual. Central heating can be very damaging to your complexion as it can really dry your skin out and dry skin means less radiance and more wrinkles! Try to add an extra layer or a pair of socks before you turn to your central heating not only will your skin look more radiant your purse will thank you too!

#2 Don’t Scrimp On Your Moisturiser – You might find that your skin feels a little tight during the winter months, this is because cold weather can strip your skin of its natural oils. Less natural oils can leave your skin dry and more susceptible to breakouts. To banish your dry skin and to keep your complexion looking radiant you will need to apply a high quality moisturiser throughout the day for optimum radiance and soft supple skin. Here at Elanic we offer expert services within Dermatology and we stock a number of the highest quality products and innovations in skincare from leading brands such a SkinCeuticals and Obagi. If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your skincare concerns with one of our expertly trained practitioners please click here.

New Year, New Complexion! How To Get A Glowing Complexion This January

#3 Know The Game Changing Skincare Ingredients –  When it comes to quality skincare t the most expensive isn’t always the best option, with many high street brands using their brand to justify their high prices rather than using high quality ingredients. We recommend that you always look at the ingredients before you purchase, look out for skin-firming ingredients such as collagen. Salicylic and glycolic acid help to tackle and prevent any unwanted blemishes and vitamin C will help create a even skin tone and brighten your complexion.

#4 Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen – Although the sun might be a distant memory this does not mean your sunscreen should stay at the back of your drawer this winter. In fact, the ozone layer (which filters sunlight) is at its thinnest during the winter months which leaves your skin at risk from windburn – which can be more damaging than suburn. To supercharge your winter skincare regime be sure to apply a high quality sunscreen daily to help protect our skin from premature wrinkles.

If you’re looking for more in depth advice personally tailored to your skin why not book a skincare consultation with one of your expertly trained practitioners to see what we can do to improve your skin this winter. To arrange a consultation please click here.