Mummy Makeovers Post Pregnancy Surgery

Popping out a little baby can be one of the most remarkable and wonderful moments of your life, but after you’ve had a baby your body can change dramatically.

Fear not – there is a solution!

A Mummy Makeover (or ‘mommy makeover’ to give it it’s American name) typically involves a breast lift – with or without implants – to improve sagging breasts and restore them back to their previous ‘pertness’, a mini tummy tuck to tighten up those stretched abdominal muscles, and a facial peel to restore the youthful apprerance.

After childbirth and breastfeeding there on, our breasts tend to sag and loose tissue, our tummies bulge due to lax muscles and our faces can show signs of tiredness (on account of all those sleepless nights).

Weather you have only just had your first child, or your family is complete, cosmetic surgery after childbirth can help you get back the body you once had.

Mummy Makeovers, which first started in the USA (especially Los Angeles), has since become popular in the UK, with millions having had the surgery already.

Sarah McCall, 27, from Derbyshire said;

‘‘I’m so glad I opted for the Mummy Makeover, I look like I did before I gave birth!’’

‘‘I felt so uncomfortable after I gave birth to my son, and didn’t feel like leaving the house. But this has given me a new lease of life.’’

Mummy Makeovers Post Pregnancy Surgery

Dr Gregory Lynam of Richmond Surgical arts in America says; ‘‘A Mommy Makeover is a great term. It really brings back lot of things in a woman which went missing –  like improved confidence.’’

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