For some women it’s all about the breasts. Displaying a generous embonpoint is often seen as the epitome of womanhood and femininity, and thanks to the creative powers of plastic surgery it is now possible to give nature a generous helping hand.

Whilst breasts come in all shapes and sizes, there are some women in the public eye who believe that bigger really is better. Most women are probably a little dissatisfied with at least one aspect of their appearance, and given the chance would take the opportunity to alter something about themselves, but for celebrities the sky really is the limit.

Angelina Jolie

Some cases of breast surgery are for purely medical reasons. Angelina Jolie is perhaps the most notable example of this, famously undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery when faced with the news that she carried the breast cancer gene which had robbed her of her mother at a young age. Going public with her breast surgery was a brave move, inspiring thousands of women to get themselves checked for the rogue gene before cancer could strike.

Heidi Montag

Other famous women go public about their breast enlargement to gain notoriety. Heidi Montag, former reality star from ‘The Hills’ underwent ten cosmetic procedures in a single day, including a second breast enlargement which gave her an almost cartoonish appearance thanks to the huge size of the implants. She had second thoughts later on when the size of the implants caused her health problems and further surgery reduced the size to a more manageable D cup.

Denise Richards is another famous American who has spoken publicly about her breast enhancement procedures. The actress and former model had implants at the age of 19 which she felt were too large for her frame. Inexplicably she went on to have further breast enlargement surgery some years later, and it was only with her most recent surgery that she has declared herself finally satisfied with her shape.

Katie Price

Katie Price, aka Jordan, has practically made a career out of her breast implants and has had numerous cosmetic procedures claiming that she favours the ‘stuck on’ look. So far she has had a total of five breast surgeries to increase and reduce their size and shows no signs of slowing down.

Victoria Beckham

However, most celebrities tend to categorically deny having any artificial help in the breast department, despite obvious evidence to the contrary. Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice denied having breast augmentation for years despite copious photographic evidence to the contrary. It was only when she switched careers to become a fashion designer that she admitted to having had surgical assistance in the breast department.

Nicole Kidman has always been coy about admitting to any artificial help with her face and figure, but once again, photographs clearly show that her breasts have become noticeably larger during the course of her career. The same is true of Britney Spears who seemed to undergo something of a ‘growth spurt’ in the breast department early on in her career.

Britney Spears

Celebrities should be aware that in this day and age, with the proliferation of photographs across the internet, denial is useless. For many women enhancing their breasts can also enhance their lives so more people in the public eye should be loud and proud about the changes they have chosen to make to their body shape.