A booming number of Chinese graduates are opting for cosmetic surgery in a bid to land themselves a job.

An increase in competition in the Chinese job market has prompted more and more former students to go for surgery and other cosmetic procedures in order to make themselves stand out from the crowd. This has become increasingly important as the number of graduates in China rockets and competition gets ever-more fierce.

In August 2014, 7.26 million students have graduated in China – a seven-fold increase on 15 years ago. This means that around 30 per cent of former students remain unemployed in the country six months after leaving university. This has made gaining an edge in the employment market ever-more important and students are looking to more unconventional ways to get themselves noticed.

Many students in China believe that better looks will differentiate them from not-so-attractive competitors and cosmetic surgery clinics in the country are giving them the opportunity to do everything they can to further their career aspirations. Clinics are now targeting their advertising efforts on billboards close to university, with many spreading the message that the summer holidays provide the perfect opportunity to have cosmetic procedures carried out.

This trend is not outlandish at all if you understand that looks have long-been seen as important in the jobs race in China, where it is the norm to enclose a photograph with a CV when applying for positions.
One young graduate, who did not want to be named, told The Debrief that prettier candidates were much more likely to be chosen by interviewers when faced with two prospective employees of similar capabilities.

This 24-year-old opted for eyelid surgery aimed at giving her a double-fold lid and more Western look, something she believes will significantly improve her career prospects. Western-look double eyelids are the goal of many Asian women and some use tape to achieve their desired appearance without the use of surgery.

Another young woman, known only as Jing from Guangzhou, has gone even further in her quest to differentiate herself from other graduates in the race for jobs. She has undergone rhinoplasty, liposuction and other facial surgery in a bid to make the most of her looks and improve her prospects when it comes to landing her dream job in the real estate sector.

A Chinese cosmetic surgery expert has reinforced the belief that this is a valid way of increasing job prospects, saying that it can significantly boost a person?s ‘competitive power’. Dr Song says that cosmetic surgery procedures not only improve appearance but also boost self-confidence, an all-important factor when people are hunting for a job.

Countless studies carried out across the world have shown that better looking people are more likely to succeed in their chosen career. Attractive individuals have been proven to charm interviewers more, leading to them being hired quicker and eventually earning more money than less aesthetically-pleasing competitors.