Katie Can't Put A Price On Post-Pregnancy Surgery

Former glamour model Jordan, now known as Katie Price, has already decided what she is getting herself for Christmas this year – perkier breasts.

The reality star and tabloid favourite is planning to have her seventh breast operation to solve the ‘sagging’ problem caused by having two babies in two years. Katie revealed her plans at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival, where she was talking about her new autobiography, entitled Love, Lipstick and Lies.

She had her fifth child Bunny this August, almost exactly a year after she gave birth to her son Jett Riviera. She also has a twelve-year-old son Harvey, his brother Junior, nine and seven-year-old daughter Princess. Katie said her most recent pregnancies had left her breasts ‘a little saggy’ and so she planned to have the problem solved through cosmetic surgery. She also predicted that when she was old she would have plenty of other sagging body parts but would still have ‘perfect boobs’.

Not Just For The Famous

Katie is one of millions of women across the world who turn to cosmetic surgery in a bid to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. Breasts, in particular, often cause unhappiness because of their tendency to lose their pertness and shape. This is because most breasts naturally swell during pregnancy, causing stretching of the skin and of the ligaments which support them. At the end of the pregnancy, or when breastfeeding stops, these breasts lose volume again, often leading to a sagging or empty appearance.

The Solutions

On-going advancements in cosmetic surgery means that there are now many ways to turn back the hands of time for those women unhappy with their post-pregnancy breasts. In general, however, there are three main approaches that are used to restore appearance and self-confidence in those affected. These are matopexy or a breast uplift, breast augmentation which involves the addition of implants or fat to restore volume, or a combination of the two for women who want a remedy for both sagging and the ‘empty’ look.

Breastfeeding can also cause some women’s nipples to become inverted as can significant weight loss and other factors, but this is another issue that can often be solved by cosmetic surgery. Many women are extremely self-conscious about the problem and are totally unaware that the solution could be a simple cosmetic procedure which does not even require a general anaesthetic.

This procedure is one of the least talked about areas of breast surgery and yet its impact can be enormous for women who find themselves with a massive drop in self-confidence, especially when they are also having to face the everyday demands of having a baby in the house. The good news is, nipple correction surgery can allow the nipple to be permanently repositioned, allowing new mums, and others affected, to wear the clothes they want to and regain their self-esteem. Modern techniques also aim to give women the most chance of being able to breastfeed if they want to in the future, although this can never be guaranteed.

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