This Valentine’s Day, many people are searching for the perfect gift for their loved one. For some, the best present could in fact be a cosmetic surgery procedure. Though a more unusual gift than the traditional chocolates and flowers, a growing number of people appreciate the specific thought that has gone in to facilitating a procedure which will make a big difference to a person’s overall happiness – a result that lasts much longer than a box of sweet treats!

Is Cosmetic Surgery The Perfect Valentines Day GiftA number of media channels have reported that there has been a growth in giving gift certificates for plastic and cosmetic procedures at this time of year. A gift certificate is a suitable option for those who know their loved one wants to feel pampered and to improve themselves, but are uncertain as to the exact treatment they would prefer.

There are two main cases for giving cosmetic surgery as a gift: to someone who has explicitly asked for it as their present, or for someone who has expressed interest in having a procedure but who was put off by the thought of spending money treating themselves. In both of these instances, there is a prior enthusiasm for cosmetic surgery. Giving a cosmetic procedure as a gift to someone who has not shown interest in the field is more likely to be taken offensively as an insult, thinking that it means their partner wants to change them. This is hardly the desired result of a Valentine’s Day present!

One survey of women aged between 25 and 44 found that a little less than half of the respondents said they would not be offended by a gift of this nature, while another 30% said that it would be upsetting if a loved one gave them this present. Essentially, the most important step is to identify whether cosmetic surgery is the right gift for the individual recipient themselves.

Is Cosmetic Surgery The Perfect Valentines Day Gift 2Popular procedures to be given as a gift are those which are non-invasive, with a quick recovery time and results which are obvious within a short period. Prior to Valentine’s Day itself, lots of people enjoy visiting their chosen practitioner for fillers, chemical peels and Botox treatments in order to look and feel their very best while enjoying a special romantic date with their partner. Laser skin resurfacing is another option at this time, helping people to look great going into the celebrations.

Even procedures traditionally seen as having a longer recovery time can sometimes be utilised in this period. Liposuction is one such treatment, with the possibility of achieving significant change in the body with minimal bruising and without scars. Treatments like VASER or Smart Lipo remove unwanted fat in problem areas and do not require the candidate to then spend a long period resting and recuperating, so it’s ideal as preparation for a big date.

No matter the procedure of choice, if your partner has shown interest in using cosmetic surgery to alter themselves then Valentine’s Day could be an ideal opportunity to spoil them with a gift they will appreciate.