Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For Teenagers

The popularity of cosmetic surgery has grown rapidly in recent years and it is not just adults who have been showing an interest in going under the knife. A magazine survey conducted in 2005 reported that 40% of teenage girls questioned had considered plastic surgery. In the USA in 2012 alone, over 200,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on teenagers.

It is not hard to see where this all stems from. We currently live in a society in which having cosmetic surgery to enhance a person’s appearance has almost become normalised. The wide availability of clinics and procedures in an unregulated industry, together with the increasing pressure from the media to have the perfect body image, has created an explosive recipe of desire for cosmetic surgery among teenagers.

Cosmetic Surgery For Teenagers

Is cosmetic surgery appropriate for teenagers, however? Many professionals argue that the circumstances can be quite complex. On the one hand, teenagers are still growing and developing, so opting for a cosmetic procedure at a time when they are not physically mature may do more harm than good. At the same time, they may not be emotionally mature enough to understand the consequences. Professionals also argue that the desire to have a cosmetic procedure performed must come from the teenager themselves and not stem from the parents. The desire should also be a consistent one so that the particular issue has been present over a period of time. Most importantly, the teenager should have realistic expectations and understand that having a cosmetic procedure is not the answer to all of their problems.

Professionals do argue that in some cases, however, having a cosmetic procedure can benefit teenagers if they are suffering from low self-esteem or experiencing health problems or limitations because of their body shape or size. A Rhinoplasty procedure (correcting the size or shape of the nose) may improve the confidence of a teenager, whilst females with large breasts may find that a breast reduction procedure can reduce symptoms of strain to the back and neck or make playing sport easier, for example. Of those procedures that are performed on teenagers today, the most common include breast reduction and Rhinoplasty, but also treatments to eliminate acne, laser hair removal, ear surgery, breast enlargement, liposuction and chin augmentation.

Why Choose Elanic

Whatever the motivations for a teenager wanting cosmetic surgery, one of the most important considerations is the clinic they use. A recommended clinic with a good reputation is Elanic where the patient’s best interests are put first. A thorough consultation should be conducted with the teenager to understand their goals, long before any procedure takes place, if at all. If the teenager is under 18, then parental consent should be sought. The clinic should possess the skills to assess whether the teenager is mature enough, both physically and mentally, to cope with surgery and should stress that the procedure might not solve all of the issues they have.

Elanic understands all of the issues and considerations involved with managing cosmetic surgery procedures for teenagers. In some instances, non-surgical treatments may be advised, which are less invasive. Young patients may also be advised to attend counselling sessions prior to going through with any procedures to ensure that this is the right form of treatment for the individual.