Is Cosmetic Surgery An Acceptable Valentine's Day Gift

With Valentine’s Day still a very recent memory, men and women alike are dealing with the consequences of those perfect, or maybe not so perfect, gifts. Did they choose the right way to let their other half know just how much they love them, or did they fail miserably?

Whether you did well or need some more practice, maybe next year is the one to forget all of the cliches and do something completely different. Do away with boring old flowers and chocolates and say goodbye to the soppy teddy bear. There is a new type of present gracing the top of the gift list now, especially for women.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that almost 80 per cent of women would now name Botox as a number one present, whether that is for a birthday, Christmas or for Valentine’s Day next year. This is definitely the way to score some brownie points. In fact, according to some of the most recent research, 78 per cent of women would be seriously impressed if they were treated to Botox by a loved one or partner.

The evidence is overwhelming: Botox is the new big thing. The researchers asked a group of females how they would feel if they received Botox as a gift from a spouse, and a huge 78 per cent would have a positive reaction. 15 per cent said they would be a little concerned, but pleased at the same time. Finally, just seven per cent felt they would react negatively by feeling offended and unhappy.

Other cosmetic treatments topping the wish lists of women include teeth whitening and dermal filler. The survey also revealed those treatments which are a definite no-no. Although popular choices generally, gifting skin tightening, vein removal and laser hair removal just isn’t considered romantic enough.

It seems men are on the lookout for advice and more information, searching the net and contacting a variety of treatment centres and review websites to find out more. Many cosmetic surgery practitioners are reporting a rise in men reaching out to them, looking for advice about how they can address their partner’s concerns about ageing in a graceful way.

Current research suggests that the number one question from men was “Can I give my partner the gift of an aesthetic treatment, and how can I do this without offending her?” Although gifting aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgery has not always been considered a particularly good idea, the times are changing and it is fast becoming a popular trend. It seems people are feeling increasingly compelled to give them, and the recipients are certainly receiving them positively.

A spokesperson for the Good Surgeon Guide recommends not giving cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments as a surprise, but rather talking to your partner about it first to ensure the treatment you choose is right for them.