Twins Kerry and Jo Burton so enjoy being identical that they have had the same cosmetic surgery to ensure that people cannot tell them apart.
Jo was first to decide on surgery 17 years ago, choosing rhinoplasty, and beautician Kerry opted to do the same. Since then, the 38-year-old twins have had several other procedures and each one has been performed at the same time by the same doctors to ensure that the women really do remain looking as similar as they did when they were born.

Kerry and Jo, from Stevenage, have now had their rhinoplasty, two separate breast enlargements and eye-lifts, along with a host of other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including facial treatments, eyeliner tattoos, manicures, pedicures, and spray tans.

Mum-of-two Kerry, who was born 15 minutes before her twin, said it felt completely natural to copy her sister when she said she wanted more of a curved nose when the girls were 21. Their most recent surgery was in January 2014, when a breast enlargement increased their bra sizes to an E cup from a DD. Their first breast surgery took place in 2004, when they went from a B cup to a DD.

Jo, also a mum-of-two who lives just five minutes away from her sister, said the pair are so alike that one cosmetic surgeon had to actually write their initials on their stomachs to make sure that he did not get them mixed up. Since the age of 26, Kerry and Jo have had regular facials and Botox injections. These are always done together, said Jo, to make sure that both women age in exactly the same way.

It was Jo?s idea to have their eye-lifts in 2009, but both agreed and were overjoyed with the results. They then went on to have eyeliner tattoos on their lids. The women estimate that they have spent a total of ?70,000 on their surgery, but both believe that this is a small amount to pay for maintaining their youthful and identical looks.

The twins say they have always done everything together, including getting over chickenpox as children. They even spoke their own language to each other when they were toddlers, and so it is no surprise that their bond continues to this day.

When they were small, however, their mum used to dress Kerry in pink and Jo in blue to ensure that she would always be able to tell them apart quickly and easily. This did nothing to diminish their desire to do everything as a team, even swapping places to trick teachers and fellow pupils at school, and there is no indication that this will ever change.

The women have not ruled out more cosmetic surgery in the future. They both say they will consider a facelift, but only if the other one agrees and they have it done at the same time. Neither would even think about going in for surgery without the other sister, said Jo.