How To Look Younger

Wondering how to look younger than your actual age? Feel uncomfortable with your appearance?

Sure, we can provide surgical and non-surgical options for your face and body, but it’s important to be aware that even if you do get work done, you need to look after yourself in order to feel and look younger in general.

In ten or twenty years from now when you’re looking in the mirror at a younger more vibrant version of yourself, we’re pretty sure you’ll thank us!

By following our handy tips for a healthier lifestyle, you’re bound to shave the years off in no time.

Firstly, you need to skip the heat styling.

How To Look Younger

We’re aware this might be difficult to begin with, but using curling irons and hair dryers can lead to dull, flat strands of hair which can add years to your overall appearance.

If you’re curling iron is your best friend and you can’t part with it, you could just use it on the days where it’s absolutely necessary? Or every other day? (we promise you you’ll feel the benefits)

Applying SPF every day not only protects you against skin cancer, it also works wonders for anti aging!

How To Look Younger

Experts say that those who apply it four or five times a week are less likely to suffer aging skin compared to those who don’t.

SPF 30 is the gold standard choice which dermatologists recommend. Apply every day (no matter what the weather) and use more than you think you need.

If you imagine the amount it would take to fill a shot glass, you’re on the right track.

Use lotion on your hands, because the skin on the back of your hands is very thin.

How To Look Younger

This can lead to accelerated aging compared to the rest of your body and when dry air saps moisture from skin, your hands look older than they should.

Again, a lotion which contains sunscreen is the best option.

Don’t eat foods which can discolour your teeth.

‘‘White teeth are seen as a sign of good health and youthfulness’’, says Emanuel Layliev, a dentist at the New York Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Avoid dark, hot sticky foods like BBQ and soy sauce as well as red wine, coffee and cola. (which are the worst for causing stains)

Repeatedly eating these foods will make you look older over time, and many people are drawn to teeth sooner than anything else.

Wearing nail polish really can fool people into thinking you are younger than you actually are.

How To Look Younger

Generally, it’s not your face that can give away your true age – it’s your hands.

Nail polish offers a welcome distraction from imperfections like wrinkles or loose skin on your hands and can also draw attention away from any apparent veins.

Think rich reds and purples which can offer a burst of colour without being too intense.

Exercise regularly

This may seem like one of the more apparent points, but it’s one which cannot be stressed enough.

Whether you’re keeping fit at home, in your local area or at the gym, it’s essential that you do it throughout your lifetime. (the sooner the better).

When you’re in shape, you naturally look younger and after a rigorous daily exercise you’re bound to feel fantastic.

A study at McMaster University in Canada found that exercise may reverse skin aging too, so if that doesn’t give a little inspiration, then we don’t know what will.

Rinse with mouthwash daily

If you’re already doing this, then great. If not – you should start.

Mouthwash flushes away particles between the teeth, cleans gums and prevents yellowing and discolouration of the teeth.

One of the best options is Corsodyl as it’s an effective way of treating gum disease.

If you have any other problems with your teeth, you should speak to your local dentist.

Eat high protein foods

Think along the lines of eggs, milk, chicken and fish!

It may sound boring to begin with, but it’s not. Just look at these recipe ideas via Pinterest.

‘‘Protein is one of life’s essential nutrients, responsible for multiple functions in your body, including building tissue, cells, muscle, hormones and anti-bodies.

‘‘If you do endurance sports or weight training you may need to increase your protein intake in order to reap its muscle boosting benefits.’’

  • BBC Good Food guide.

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