How Much Does Liposuction Cost In The UK

Maybe you have been researching the possibility of having liposuction because, despite all your efforts to live healthily by eating well and exercising regularly, you just cannot shift some of your excess fat. You may also be unhappy with your general body shape, which of course can be very difficult to change.

However, liposuction can change all that, transforming your shape after just a few sessions and even making a big difference after just one treatment. Liposuction does not only include surgical options. Now you can undergo non-surgical treatments and body-contouring techniques which often come under the umbrella of liposuction but are in fact very different and less invasive.

Yet cost is, of course, a huge factor in determining whether or not you can realistically go ahead. You may worry about spending huge amounts of money on a procedure that is basically cosmetic, even though it will benefit your mental health and well-being in general. You may be surprised to find out, however, that the cost of liposuction is not as prohibitive as you might have thought.

In terms of actual cost, the cheapest price in the UK is around £1950. The highest you can expect to pay is £6060. This puts the average price at £3550.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost In The UK

You can break down these figures further to try to find the best budgetary options for your needs. In terms of which private healthcare providers will provide the best service and value for money, you can look at the average cost for groups of clinics owned by the same umbrella organisation. The costs here range from some private providers having an average cost of £2475 to others whose average will be more around the £3935 figure.

The best way forward is, of course, to contact individual clinics or healthcare groups to obtain a quote. The price depends on whether you are looking to have surgical or non-surgical procedures and which areas of your body you wish to treat.

Also, don’t be fooled into thinking cheapest is always best. Research your surgeon’s experience and seek out reviews and opinions from other clients. Of course, reputable clinics will be offering you this information as standard. Also bear in mind that all plastic surgeons who are allowed to practise in the UK have extensive medical training, just like any other surgical speciality.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost In The UK

One of the things you may wish to bear in mind if you are considering a course of liposuction treatment in the UK is how far you are willing to travel. Different areas of the country have relatively different levels of average cost when it comes to liposuction and related procedures like body contouring. Prices in Scotland are considerably lower than other parts of the country, with an average cost to patients of just £3065. When you compare it to the South-East, where the average you would pay would be £3725, you may well be better off crossing the border to receive your treatment.

The key point to bear in mind is that consultations with your clinic don’t come with an obligation to continue to the treatment stage. Once your consultant has advised on the best combinations of therapies for your body, you can make an informed decision about where and when to have the treatments.