How Many Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Are There

There are plenty of plastic surgery procedures available today, and if you are not happy with the body you are born with or not enjoying how age is taking its toll, you can opt for a cosmetic procedure. While rhinoplasty or breast augmentations may be the most popular, there are more than 50 different cosmetic surgery options readily available. Let’s take a look a some of the more common options, as well as those that may surprise you.


Currently the most popular form of cosmetic surgery, a facelift or rhytidectomy can make you look as much as ten years younger. It’s not surprising that this surgery is now so common, but with Botox and fillers also on the market, it may become less popular in time.

Eyelid Surgery

Less invasive than a full facelift, and perhaps more natural-looking, eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is designed to lift the skin at the edges of the eyes and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. Sometimes this surgery is performed on people who have hooded eyes, where the skin has sagged so badly that it impairs vision.

Nose Job

How Many Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Are There

Rhinoplasty is a common procedure, and it is one that can completely change your appearance. For many, their nose is an appendage they are not very fond of, and being able to change it is a huge bonus. Rhinoplasty can reduce the size of a nose, make it more symmetrical or slim it down somewhat, and often patients report an increase in confidence after this type of cosmetic surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Also known as a boob job, breast augmentation can increase the size of a woman’s breasts or even be used to balance them out and ensure they are symmetrical. Going up a cup size or two is also a great confidence booster for many women, and breast augmentation can be performed in women who have undergone a mastectomy. Silicone or saline implants are available – they can be placed under or over the muscle and can be inserted in several different ways.


Liposuction can help get rid of problem fatty areas and slim down thighs, tummies and buttocks. This is quite an invasive procedure, so many also opt for body contouring such as a buttock lift or tummy tuck. During these procedures, fat is not sucked out and the loose skin is simply trimmed and tightened, creating a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette.

How Many Types Of Cosmetic Surgery Are There

Ear Correction

Any one with jug-ears will tell you how they want to change their appearance, and ear pinning-back is a simple cosmetic procedure that has great results. Small incisions are made behind the ears, and they are simply ‘tucked’ to bring them closer to the side of the head.

Breast Lifts

Similar to a breast augmentation, a breast lift simply lifts the breasts to make them perkier. This can reduce the signs of ageing and is a popular choice with women who have had babies. These lifts can be performed in numerous ways, and although the results won’t last forever, they are always well received.

These are just some of the 50-plus types of cosmetic surgery options available today, and as technology advances, so too will the ways we change our bodies.