How Long Does A Facelift Last

As part of the aging process, our skin progressively loses its elasticity and our muscles tend to slacken. This is because stresses of daily life, effects of gravity and exposure to sun can be seen on our faces.

The folds and smile lines deepen, the corners of the mouth droop, the jaw line sags and the skin on the neck becomes slack.

Around the eyes, the eyebrows droop and the skin of the eyelids gathers in loose folds. In the skin, the first sign is fine wrinkles developing around the lips, at the outer corners of the eye and lines of expression.

The rate at which this happens varies from one person to another and is probably determined by our genes.

Additionally, aging of the facial skin does not necessarily reflect the rate that the rest of our body and mind is ageing, so many people feel frustrated towards the face they see in the mirror – because it’s not the one they feel should be there.

The best solution to this problem is to get a facelift.

Who will benefit from a facelift?

If your face has begun to sag but still has a little elasticity, you’re the perfect candidate. This is usually somebody between 45 & 55 years old – but facelifts can also be done for people in their 60’s and 70’s.

What a facelift does not do

A facelift works better for the lower half of the face and particularly the jaw line and neck. If you have sagging eyebrows and wrinkles of the forehead, then you should perhaps consider an endoscopic brow lift.

Loose skin with fine wrinkles, freckles and rough areas will benefit more by chemical peel or laser resurfacing.

What should you do before the operation?

If you are overweight and intend to lose it, you should do so before the operation. This allows the surgeon to remove more skin and therefore achieve a more pleasing result.

Additionally, you should;

  • Avoid taking tablets containing aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Voltarol and Indocid for at least two weeks before surgery as they increase the risk of bleeding.

  • Stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery as this is the main cause of reduced healing. It decreases circulation of the skin flaps, particularly behind the ears.

  • Have your hair permed and tinted (if you so wish) before your operation as fresh scars are sensitive to these chemicals for a few weeks.

The surgery

Our purpose-built cosmetic clinic in Glasgow has been designed on an American model and allows clients to be treated in a modern and luxurious setting, while accessing the very latest beauty, aesthetic and surgical care.

How Long Does A Facelift Last

Our offices in Glasgow

  We also have a state-of-the-art on-site operating suite where procedures are carried out using advanced sedation techniques delivered by our highly-experienced team of anaesthetists, alleviating the need for general anaesthesia and a hospital stay.

For clients who prefer a general anaesthetic we arrange surgery to be carried out in one of our partnership private hospitals.

It is possible to carry out the procedure under local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation but the patient would still be advised to spend the night in hospital.

The procedure, although long, can be combined with other operations of all sorts. The most common however would be an endoscopic brow lift and an eyelid reduction.

Other extra procedures which can be used to enhance the face at the same time are malar (cheek bone), chin augmentation and lip enhancement.

How long does it last?

A facelift does not stop the clock, but it does put the clock back. The effect of the facelift is likely to always be there, in that you will not look as old as you would have done if it had not been carried out.

Additional work can be done at a later date, but once a facelift has been done, it can usually withstand the test of time.

There is no specific period for how long a facelift can actually last, but once surgery has been carried out, the majority of people tend to be happy.

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