How Does A Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Work

Conventional cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of the tummy, known as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, usually involves removing fat, tightening the abdominal muscle and removing excess loose skin. There is an alternative for those who prefer not to undergo surgery, in the form of a non-surgical tummy tuck. Excess loose skin cannot be removed without surgery, but it can be firmed up, and unwanted fat can be removed using VASER Lipo. In addition to removing stubborn fat, VASER Lipo can lift and tighten areas of loose skin to emulate a surgical tummy tuck.

This procedure can improve your shape if you have difficult pockets of abdominal fat that you cannot get rid of despite exercising and eating healthily. The recovery time is much faster than with conventional surgery.

A key advantage of VASER Lipo is that you do not need a general anaesthetic as with conventional surgery, and you can undergo the procedure as a day case under local anaesthetic. VASER Lipo is a gentle and safe procedure that has very few complications or side effects, and many patients are able to return to work the following day.

Tiny incisions are made, through which a cannula is introduced. This thin metal device administers anaesthetic underneath the skin to numb the area. When the area is anaesthetised, the VASER Lipo cannula is inserted into the incisions. Ultrasound is used to break down and melt away the fatty tissue on contact without any risk of damage to the surrounding tissues. The melted and liquefied fat is then gently removed by a suction process. The recovery period is shorter than with alternatives such as traditional liposuction and VASER Lipo also sculpts the body.

The key advantages of VASER Lipo are the quick recovery time and the fact that only a local anaesthetic is needed. It is also less invasive and leaves less scarring and bruising than other procedures.

How Does A Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Work

Following the procedure, a pressure garment is applied to the area and you are given detailed aftercare instructions. Compression or pressure garments are used to control any swelling. They help the tissues to quickly reabsorb the oedema fluid that is accumulated following the procedure. Compression also helps to improve the contour of the body, by ensuring that the tissues adhere well to the underlying structures and wrinkling of the skin is prevented.

You may also be given a course of antibiotics to minimise the risk of infection.

You can expect a review of your progress by a nurse within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure, so any queries you have about your recovery can be addressed.

VASER Lipo removes fat from your body and it will not grow back, since there is a finite number of fat cells in the human body. However, the size of your remaining fat cells could increase if you fail to follow a healthy lifestyle, so it is important to eat healthily and exercise appropriately to maintain the improvements in your body.