How Can I Hide My Wrinkles

For many women, getting older means a loss of definition to the face and the onset of wrinkles. These are usually something people do not want, meaning that there are numerous options available for hiding and even removing wrinkles.

Minimising make up tricks can help to make a woman look and feel much younger. Starting with the base, a good moisturising routine is essential. As skin ages, it loses its elasticity and becomes drier. This in turn makes wrinkles more noticeable. A quality moisturiser helps to plump the skin back to its former fullness, reducing the impact of wrinkles. Moisturisers containing hyaluronic acid are particularly successful. Alternatively, try using retinoid products, which are available from beauty stores or from a pharmacist. These help to stimulate the production of collagen, combating wrinkle development. Retinoids can take between 6-12 weeks to have an effect, though, so patience is required. Don’t overuse anti-aging products, though, as this can be counterproductive. Using too many products at once is more likely to cause skin irritation than anything else, which will only serve to make any flaws or wrinkles more noticeable.

As for makeup itself, starting with a silicone based primer underneath any foundation is a great tip. This smoothens the skin’s texture, creating a more youthful appearance. On top of this, apply only a light foundation which has moisturising properties. A heavy, cakey foundation will settle into the fine lines to make them more noticeable. For blemishes, age spots or dark patches, use a concealer on these specific areas before putting the foundation on top. In addition, use a cream blush formula rather than a powder, again to prevent any extra product settling in to the skin’s wrinkles or irregularity. Set with a very light dusting of a loose mineral powder if required.

Then, when applying eye shadow, choose matte colours over shimmering shades and use neutral, timeless tones. A lighter colour on the eyelid can be blended into a darker shade in the crease, finished with mascara to create the illusion of larger, youthful eyes. Finally, avoid bleeding lip colour by using a colour-stay liner in a natural shade before applying any stain or lipstick to the top. Aging can create many fine lines around the mouth, which can inhibit the smooth application of lipstick. A good lip liner will help prevent product seeping and spreading.

For people considering a longer term solution to their wrinkles, there are a range of options available both surgically and otherwise. The facelift is no longer the only procedure. Fine facial wrinkles and milder signs of skin aging can be combated using any combination of facial fillers, muscle relaxation injections, carefully selected advanced skin-care products or laser rejuvenation treatments.

Alternatively, laser resurfacing can improve the look of permanent wrinkles and poor skin texture too. Resurfacing treatments remove the top layers of skin cells, encouraging the production of new cells with an overall brightening and tightening of the skin’s appearance.