The queen of halloween rises again and this time she is disguised as the animated icon that is Jessica Rabbit!

Heidi Klum, yet again, took Halloween fancy dress to a new level with her dramatic transformation into the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit. She stunned guests at the her annual Halloween costume party in New York last weekend. The party saw a whole host of celebrities donned in outrageous fancy dress but the hostess most certainly deserved first place for her prosthetic masterpiece.

Heidi Klum 2.jpg

Klum revealed that her completely unrecognisable look took a staggering 9 hours in the making, specialist make-up artists skillfully crafted layer upon layer of prosthetic face and body enhancements to perfectly recreate the sultry Roger Rabbit star’s, complete with curvaceous physique. The model’s facial prosthetics consisted of a rubber mask complete with dramatic cheekbones and enormous cartoon eyelids, the prosthetic’s cleverly covered her hair so that the trademark Jessica Rabbit red hair wig could sit perfectly atop!

Heidi Klum 3.jpg

With the new face and hair complete it was time for the prosthetic wizards to attach Heidi’s new bosom and derriere, the rubber chest ensured that Klum had the ample bosom Jessica Rabbit is so famous for – but one we would certainly stay clear of!

Now sporting a new face and body Klum was ready to showcase Jessica Rabbit and wow the world with her latest Halloween masterpiece. We think this transformation deserves a 10/10 for effort and creativity, do you think Heidi Klum will be able to top this look next year?

Heidi Klum 1.jpg

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Please be aware that extreme Jessica Rabbit transformations, like the above, can only be achieved by a highly trained prosthetic and make-up specialist and should not be sought after when visiting a surgeon or an aesthetic practitioner.