Health Issues That Can Be Fixed With Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic surgery to the nose, can correct a number of issues. For some people, the aesthetic improvements are their priority, whether looking to alter the shape of the nose or its profile, or to resolve issues caused by injury or accidental damage. However, for many other candidates, the prospect of rhinoplasty is desirable because it can help with their specific health problems.

In general terms, all candidates for a cosmetic surgical procedure will experience an improvement in their overall appearance. Effecting an aesthetic change can dramatically alter a person’s self esteem and levels of confidence. For people susceptible to anxiety, or those with mental health problems affecting their self perception and happiness with their bodies, this can make a real improvement to their quality of life. Adapting the shape of the nose to become more cohesive with other facial features will typically draw attention to the eyes, making the face more attractive and balanced. Removing a source of self-consciousness allows a person to be more engaged with social situations where previously they might have tried to remain hidden in the background, thus facilitating greater opportunities for good mental health.

The aesthetic changes which can be made through rhinoplasty include changing the contour of the individual’s nose, whether looking to reduce its bulk or augment existing material to fill out its lines, as well as a correction of the width. Some patients use this cosmetic procedure to correct the tip of their nose, if they feel that it is too bulbous, drooping or upturned. This in turn could also lead to an alteration of the profile, whether through filing away a lump or tissue left during a breakage, or a filling of a depression in the nose shape.

Moreover, rhinoplasty can also be used to correct an individual’s problems with breathing. Abnormalities in the structure of the nose can cause health issues, whereby the person is not able to breathe freely or has blockages preventing full airflow. Where necessary, rhinoplasty and other surgical procedures of the nose can help to open narrow passages or remove constricting tissues, allowing for normal flow to be resumed. Other nasal defects can also be resolved using surgery, with procedures specifically designed to correct impairments typically being referred to as ‘septoplasty’. In addition, not only can these procedures resolve the physical issue, but renewed confidence in the body’s capabilities can made a significant impact on confidence and mental well being. A restored ability to breathe freely can make a person feel more capable and self-assured, which in turn allows them to achieve a better quality of life. Combined with the aesthetic improvements possible with surgical alterations to the nose, rhinoplasty can thus make a significant difference to the way a person feels.

Birth defects can also be corrected using rhinoplasty, whether internal structural problems or external shape issues. Surgical procedures to this area have a high success rate.