Has Rapper Iggy Azalea Had A Chin ImplantHit rapper Iggy Azalea seems to have it all; an army of adoring fans, a string of hit records under her belt and a musical talent that makes her the envy of competitors across the world. Yet it seems that the Fancy hitmaker has not been completely content with the body Mother Nature handed her at birth, although cosmetic surgery seems to be helping her achieve the personal image she wants to portray.

Earlier this year, Iggy announced that she had achieved a life-long dream of having larger breasts after undergoing surgery and now a recent public appearance and an Instagram post about how much she loves her ‘new look’ has prompted rumours that she has now had work on her trip.

Many celeb spotters have been talking on social media about why such an apparently attractive woman should choose to have cosmetic surgery but Iggy may be an example of how these procedures can be used to not just to alter a person’s outward appearance but to make changes to features that have long-bothered individuals, even if minor defects are not that noticeable to the outside world.

There are few people who would say that Iggy Azalea is best-known for the appearance of her chin and yet, people who saw her at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, claim that this is the area that has received the attention of a cosmetic surgeon.

The speculation is that Iggy has had work carried out on her chin, possibly involving an implant, although there are also rumours that cheek or lip fillers may also have prompted the slight change in appearance witnessed.

Certainly her face does appear to have more of a heart shape than before, although almost any celebrity will confess that photographs can show them looking completely different from snap to snap.

There is also talk that her altered appearance could be down to a change in make-up rather than any cosmetic surgery work.

Iggy is not renowned for holding back from speaking out, however, and so it is likely that fans will find out the truth about that ‘new look’ from the woman herself in the not-so-distant future.

The star, who performed with Britney Spears at this year’s Billboard Awards, announced that she had breast implants after being asked in a Vogue interview what she would choose to change about her body.

She said that she did not want to keep secrets and said she had thought about breast enhancement for years before undergoing implant surgery, putting an end to having to wear wired lingerie and having to have padding added to her stage costumes.

Iggy, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, was born in Australia and found fame as a songwriter, rapper and model after moving to America at the age of 16. She will turn 25 on June 7.