Good Can Come Out Of Woman's Tragic Tale

As Apryl Brown heard a doctor say that she would only survive for another 24 hours the size of her bottom was the very least of her worries. Yet, it was this flat behind which had led to her making the biggest mistake of her life – allowing an amateur to give her filling injections. Today, April wants to turn her horrific experience into a positive preventative message by convincing others that do-it-yourself cosmetic procedures are always a bad idea.

Apryl’s decision to go for DIY injections led to her contracting a major infection, which caused her body to start shutting down. Her limbs started turning black and curling up and she was forced to have 27 operations to have her feet and hands amputated, along with having flesh removed from around her hips and buttocks.

The mum-of-two, who ran her own hair styling salon in America, never dreamed that such a horrific turn of events would happen when one of her customers mentioned that she could do cheap silicone injections. Apryl was seduced by the idea of finally getting the remedy that would rectify the flat bottom that had been the cause of much childhood teasing. She had always planned to have work done on her bottom and this offer of a cheap solution seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

It was after her second round of injections, however, that Apryl started questioning the sense in allowing someone to inject her when she had no idea what substances they were using – but by this time the damage had already been done. Five years of pain followed and Apryl found her very existence on the line. All this because of a desire to save a few bucks.

Today, Apryl is getting on with her life but she is anxious to warn others of the dangers of seeking treatment from amateurs in a bid to save a little cash. She later found out that she had actually been injected with bathroom caulk but, with increasing internet access, there are countless other untested substances being offered for sale. Anyone can buy them and anyone can inject themselves and others, regardless of the potentially fatal consequences.

Apryl is adamant she does not want people’s pity but she does want them to take heed of her cautionary tale if they are even thinking about having cosmetic procedures done by anyone other than reputable professionals.

The 47-year-old never did get the bottom she dreamed off and instead has had to spend countless hours learning how to do day-to-day tasks using artificial limbs. She can live by herself but she relies on an aide for a few hours each day to help her with the tasks she cannot manage. Conversely, she has no idea what happened to her former customer, who ultimately caused the loss of her hands and feet.

Apryl does not necessarily want to stop people undergoing cosmetic procedures, she just wants to ensure that they do adequate research and do not allow naivety and a cost-cutting quest to put their lives at risk.