Crop your figure to get on top in the fashion stakes

You only need to look at the pictures from the latest award ceremonies, switch on a music channel or flick through the pages of a fashion magazine to see that the revitalised trend for wearing crop tops looks set to stick around for a while.

It’s not an easy look to pull off, however, especially for women of a certain age who have had children, lost weight or just not be blessed with the perfect midriff gene.

The good news is that there are solutions for those women who want to be able to show off their mid sections, both surgical and non-surgical, and techniques are developing all the time.

An improved middle is not likely to get you the bank balance of other crop top fans such as pop stars Rita Ora and Cheryl Cole, nor will it necessarily bag you a superstar footballer husband such as Abbey Clancy, but it can improve your self-confidence and open doors to fashionable clothes that you did not feel comfortable wearing before.

Body contouring is one of the options if you want to tone and tighten your body. It can be especially helpful for people who have lost a lot of weight and find their skin has not shrunk back as much as they had hoped for. This sort of procedure can often involve several different elements, including liposuction and a tummy tuck.

Similar treatments can also be extremely effective if you have had a baby and find that your stomach muscles no longer have the strength that they once did. A mini tummy tuck can be combined with a facial peel and a breast lift in what has been dubbed the Mummy Makeover – a catch-all procedure aimed at restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy glory.

If you do not think one of these procedures is for you, how about a revolutionary non-surgical solution such as I Lipo Xcell? This Chromogenex-designed treatment actually gets rid of fat without you having to undergo an operation.

The treatment is booming in popularity in America, where it is said to have been taken up by the likes of reality television star Khloe Kardashian.

Crop your figure to get on top in the fashion stakes2

It involves fat cells being shrunk by lasers before vacuum massage techniques, further laser therapy and multi-polar radiofrequency treatment are used to reduce cellulite and create beautifully smooth skin.

This treatment can be particularly useful if you already go to the gym but are still struggling to get the perfectly toned tummy you desire. It can cause fat locked within cells to liquidise, making it much easier to burn off.

All of these techniques have their benefits but some do work better than others on particular areas. There is also your personal choice to consider and your individual body size and shape. That is why it is always best to book in for a professional consultation before making any decisions about which option to choose.