Cosmetic Surgery Rise In Demand BAAPS Record Breaking Data

A new record was set in 2015 for the 13% rise Britain saw in people undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. Data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) showed all procedures increasing in demand: more than 51,000 people underwent the procedures last year.

Women’s plastic surgery had seen a 12.5% rise while men’s has doubled – however, men still only account for 9% of UK operations.  There is said to be a major A-list influence around plastic surgery, with smaller cosmetic surgeries becoming media highlights there is a lot more acceptance and de-stigmatising of any aesthetic alterations.

So which procedures are most popular?

  1. Breast Augmentations: up by 12% – this procedure is still of the highest demand amongst cosmetic surgeons. However, the actual requests being made regarding the procedure have taken a turn away from the previous look that was sought after. Rather than the oversized, ‘glamour model’, unnatural look that was regularly associated with breast implants – smaller sizes are in a higher demand. People are now opting for a much more proportionate enhancement that looks fuller but not oversized.

  1. Face/Neck lifts and Liposuction saw two of the biggest rises in demand. This could be linked to the fact that  the public are realising  the vast array of non-surgical treatments have limited effect when compared to traditional surgery. Face and Neck surgeries saw a rise of 16% and weight loss/Liposuction procedures saw a 20% rise.

The rise of men’s facial enhancements saw a rise over the last year as well:

  1. Brow lifts saw a rise of 15.5%

  2. Eyelid surgery rose 15%

  3. Face/Neck and Rhinoplasty procedures saw a rise of 14%.

“Surgeons suggest that possibly, this may be nudged by the decline of last year’s bushy-bearded ‘hyper-masculine’ (or ‘lumbersexual’) aesthetic common amongst hipsters.” according to former BAAPS president Rajiv Grover.

The trends see an overwhelming differentiation between the hyper-masculine look and those opting for a ‘cleaner’ modern look which could have influenced the “epic rise of 20% in male liposuction and a 13% jump in ‘man boob’ reductions.”

Following the quieter period in 2014 with a lesser cosmetic demand, which mirrored the British economy; the 2015 BAAPS audit has shown that demand for cosmetic surgery continues to increase. This increase is across both men and women whether it’s down to the change in celebrity cosmetic trends or the realisation that cosmetic enhancements have to ability to be subtle and attractive and do not have to be as they were previously promoted by ‘glamour model’ stereotypes.

The decision to undergo surgical procedures is still not a decision to be taken lightly. While the numbers of people opting to undergo cosmetic procedures are increasing it is not a trivial ‘status symbol’ beauty treatment. The procedures can be and are life changing as well as irreversible. It is important to understand the risks through fully informed consent with managed expectations that have been well thought out.

 Cosmetic Surgery Infographic