Cosmetic Surgery Is Far From A Women's Realm

More and more men are choosing surgery and other cosmetic procedures in a bid to turn back the hands of time or to simply make themselves feel better about them-selves.

In 2013, for example, figures from BAAPS (the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) revealed that 16 per cent more men had undergone cosmetic surgery compared to the year before, and that figure continues to grow in 2014.

But why are more men than ever choosing to consult a surgeon or aesthetic specialist when previously they might have been quite happy to live with their love handles and wrinkly brow? Experts across the world agree that the digital environment in which everyone now lives has a large part to play. Men are now just as likely to be bombarded with images of the perfect body as women, making them much more inclined to assess how they look to themselves and to others. While most men will still generally have surgery or a non-invasive procedure to make themselves happy, there are also now plenty of others who want to feel that the images their wives or girlfriends are subjected to every day will not draw unflattering comparisons and even lead her to thinking of moving on to someone else.

The world is also ever-more competitive meaning that many men are now also looking for ways to make themselves stand out from the crowd when it comes to business and job opportunities. Certainly, there are many men that do not want to feel inhibited by their looks or self-confidence when it comes to securing their dream job or rubber stamping a major deal. Where once a male seeking success might have bought himself a new briefcase or filofax, now it is almost as likely that he will secure himself a new nose or washboard chest.

Even stereotypical men’s men, such as footballers, are now not only going in for plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures, they are not embarrassed about the choices they have made.

So what sort of procedures are these men having done? There is undoubtedly a boom in the number of males opting for Botox and filler treatments, not to mention such non-surgical options as facial peels and microdermabrasion. When it comes to surgical procedures, the BAAPS figures revealed that it was body contouring procedures that had seen the biggest rise. Male liposuction figures boomed by 28 per cent between 2012 and 2013, while gynaecomastia or the reduction of ‘man boobs’ rose by 24 per cent and the number of abdominoplasty procedures went up by 15 per cent.

One of the most increasingly popular procedures is VASER liposuction which can remove selected areas of body fat. This can give a man the abs he wants if he has always dreamed of having a torso like David Beckham, for example.

The results of all of these kinds of procedures will always depend on a person’s individual body shape and physiology, however, and so it is important for everyone to get professional advice before deciding on any one particular option.

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