Are you worried about looking older than your years? Is the same old make up routine making you appear older than you actually are?

Many women stick to the same application routine through their teens, in to their twenties and beyond but, as you change, your make up routine must change with you!

Here at Elanic, we want you to feel confident, empowered and that you’re looking your best at all times, so we’ve compiled a list of techniques which will instantly make you look younger.

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You

Using too much foundation

Using too much foundation can make you look patchy, and at times, accentuate discolouration – especially if you have dry skin. A foundation that’s too thick can settle in to fine lines and take away the luminosity of the skin.

Top tips:

Buy sheer liquid formulas rather than those described as velvet or matte (to avoid fine lines/thickness)

Don’t cover every inch of the skin – only use it where it’s most needed

Exfoliate 2/3 times a week, then apply moisturiser after cleansing

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You

Application of lipstick

As you get older, the borders of the lips can soften with age, meaning too much lipstick can cause bleeding of the colour.

Top tips:

Apply lipstick to the centre of the lips, then use your finger to bleed out the colour to the left and right.

Use a pencil to touch up the corners of the lips

Top with a moisturising balm or light gloss (this will also decrease potential bleeding of lipstick)

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You

Eyebrow pencils

Your brow colour will naturally fade with age. Some women think that darker colours will make their brows appear more vibrant, this isn’t the case! Choosing a shade lighter than your natural brow colour as you get older has better results.

Top tips:

Choose lighter colours to accentuate features

Once you’ve applied the colour, apply clear brow gel as well, brushing the eyebrow up and out towards the temple (this will give a shimmer to the brow)

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You

The use of lighter colours on lips

Dark colours may compliment the body, but this isn’t the case with your face. Lighter lipsticks and glosses, i.e. Peaches, pinks and vibrant reds are so much more complimentary to your lips than darker reds or burgundies.

Top tips:

For more luscious lips, trace a highlighter pencil across the upper lip line (buffering out with your finger), then apply the colour.

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You

Lip liners

Lining the lips too heavily, or with a dark colour can make them look tight and ‘pursed’. A lip liner should always match the colour of your lips – not your lipstick.

The right lip liner can also give more definition to your lips and prevent colour from feathering in to any lines around the mouth.

Top tips:

Use lip liner which is similar to the colour of your lips

Choose a creamy formula that won’t adhere to any dry patches and use this to fill the lips entirely (meaning it wears evenly)

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You

Eye liner

Don’t skip the eyeliner! Many women think that eyeliner is a waste of time, but it’s a great way to make your eyes look more open and inviting.

However, thick black eye liner can make the upper lids a lot heavier than they appear to be. Brown eye liner doesn’t appear as full on and gives and all round better look.

Top tips:

Choose brown eye liner over black for that ‘less dramatic’ effect

Trace a thin brown pencil liner along the upper lash line, focusing on the outer corners, then gently smudge with a Q-tip

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You

Over concealing

Many women get stressed about their wrinkles and various facial features as they get older, which often results in ‘over concealing’, especially under the eyes. This isn’t the answer.

Thick concealers (on sticks and in pots), can eradicate the shadowy effect, but it will also draw attention to fine lines, especially with extensive facial movement.

Top tips:

Use a brush on highlighter pen (not thick concealers).  Highlighter pens use ‘illuminating particles’, not opaque colour, to camouflage darkness under the eye

Apply near the inner corners of the under eye – where shadows are more prominent

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You

The use of mascara on lower lashes

Playing up the lower lashes can make the eyes look droopy and can also draw attention to dark circles.

Top tip:

Concentrate on the upper lashes, work volumising mascara in to their roots and slowly through the ends. This will give an uplifting effect and draw attention away from dark circles.

Common Make Up Mistakes That Instantly Age You


A rosy flush on your cheeks brings instant life to your face and, if applied correctly, can make you look years younger!

Top tips:

Smile, find the fleshiest part of your cheek and apply the colour just above that area.

Blend the colour out towards your temples in a circular motion (using a big brush)

Try to avoid a stripe of colour that stretches along the cheekbone (remember the circular motion)

By following all of the tips above, were sure you’ll look and feel younger instantly.