Choose A Surgeon Who Is Willing To Say 'no'Imagine the scenario; you go for your cosmetic surgery consultation only to be told that the surgeon will not perform the work you want. Do you feel annoyed? Maybe, but what you should actually feel is relief that you have made a good choice of surgeon and cosmetic surgery clinic.

Sadly, there are some cosmetic surgeons out there, both qualified and terrifyingly untrained, who will say ‘yes’ whatever the request. You only have to consider the faces of some well-known stars to know this is true. There are several immediately-recognisable celebrities who have undergone so many inappropriate procedures that they look like they are permanently wearing a Halloween mask.

The fact is, the very best surgeons will say ‘no’ sometimes and they will do this for one main reason – they are thinking about what is best for you. Good practitioners will spend time listening to what you want and your reasoning but they will not be afraid to say ‘no’ if they believe your expectations are unrealistic, the procedure is unnecessary or it would not be best for either your physical or emotional well being.

You may look in the mirror and see jowls the size of wind socks but a good surgeon will tell you if what you see is unrealistic and whether treatments would actually alter the way you perceive yourself. Sometimes, it takes an independent observer to tell you the truth about yourself – even if the facts are not really what you want to hear. A bad surgeon purely focused on their profits may agree that you have an issue even when there is no real evidence, or make promises of results that simply will never be achieved. Them saying ‘yes; to your requests, however, will not grant your wishes if they are dangerous or unachievable in the first place. You may just be left with a bill and maybe years of unnecessary health problems to contend with.

The surgeons at Elanic, in contrast, want to hear your requests. They want to learn as much as they can about the results you want from a procedure. They will always have your best interests at heart, however, and may refuse to carry out work if they feel that it would be of no benefit to you or, in fact, could put your health at risk. These surgeons pride themselves on their exemplary reputations, assets they would not have were in not for their ability and willingness to refuse treatment if it is inappropriate.

Of course, a good surgeon will always explain fully the reasoning behind their decision and should help you explore alternative avenues and search out a compromise. It may be that a pre-existing medical condition, for example, makes you unsuitable for surgery but there may be other non-surgical options that could help you achieve the desired effects. The right surgeon will want to make you happy and will work hard to achieve this result – but not at the expense of your health or their reputation.