Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Stories Of 2017

2016 saw many celebrities getting cosmetic surgery, from Iggy Azelea’s breast implants to Ariel Winter’s breast reduction. But what are the best celebrity cosmetic surgery stories from 2017?

A new year is here, and that means a new round of celebrities are tweaking their appearance to improve their looks. Here are some of the most newsworthy celebrity cosmetic surgery stories from 2017.

Nicole Kidman Gets Possible Dermal Fillers

Nicole Kidman is a beautiful actress who has often been the centre of plastic surgery rumours. Only a few years ago many media outlets published stories that suggested that she had breast implants, but to this day the rumours haven’t been confirmed – so it seems very likely that she was just wearing a great bra that day!

Now new rumours have emerged suggesting that she may have had dermal fillers. The beautiful actress has been spotted with a face that looks fuller and plumper, and some plastic surgeons are suggesting that she may have had dermal fillers or a fat transplant. Either way, the results look fantastic as she is looking youthful, confident and beautiful!

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Stories Of 2017

Melanie Griffith Is Unhappy With Her Dermal Fillers

American actress Melanie Griffith also made headlines this year for her cosmetic surgery, but the news wasn’t good. The star was targeted by media outlets who believed she had gone too far with her facial surgery, suggesting that she was starting to look a little strange. Melanie later spoke about her surgery during an interview with Porter magazine, stating that she only noticed that she had gone too far when she heard the negative reviews.

Thankfully most of her cosmetic work was comprised of dermal fillers, which can be dissolved and reshaped. Now the actress has a new surgeon who has helped to reshape her fillers, and she is much happier with the results!

More Stars are Being Open About Cosmetic Surgery

For years many celebrities have tried to deny getting work done, but today celebrities are much more open about their decision to get plastic surgery. From Kaley Cuoco to Heidi Montag, many celebrities are talking about their plastic and cosmetic procedures, and this is a great thing.

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Stories Of 2017

This is because many women look at singers and actresses and think that their beauty is unattainable, when in reality the celebrities have undergone cosmetic surgery. This can cause women to question their own appearance, leaving them lacking confidence and unhappy. Thankfully today celebrities are much more open, and this means that they are helping to decrease the stigma that is attached to cosmetic surgery while enforcing a much more realistic portrayal of their beauty.

This is also beneficial for women who want to have plastic or cosmetic surgery, as it makes the subject less taboo and frowned upon. If someone wants to alter their appearance that is their decision, and they shouldn’t be judged negatively by other people.