Breast Cancer Care Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s that time of year again! Breast Cancer Care are holding their Breast Cancer Awareness month, and YOU can donate!

More than 50 thousand women develop breast cancer each year in the UK and is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women in Britain.

Top break that down – more than 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer in their lifetime.


Worrying isn’t it!

Well, the fantastic people at Breast Cancer Care are campaigning as tirelessly as ever in order to raise awareness and help decrease the statistics as best they can.

Whether it’s supporting them by connecting via email to hear about their latest open days and events, holding your own Breast Cancer Care event or buying some of their fantastic products – there’s a way you can help change the future.

Here’s a little more detail;


Hold a BIG PINK Event

Breast Cancer Care - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The 14th October 2016 sees the return of the Big Pink fundraising event. This event encourages you to order a fundraising kit from their website and invite your friends over for a big party.

Remember though, it’s all about being pink. Were talking pink hair, pink tutu’s, pink glasses…the lot.

You could even book out a function room in your local area and put on an even bigger event for the whole community! Order your kit here.

Join the Campaigns Network

Breast Cancer Care Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By joining the campaigns network, you’ll get to meet women from across the country who come together to talk about their experiences and generally support each other through difficult times.

They also have plenty of fun and even go on day trips with each other. Join today  to find out more. They’re a wonderful group of people!

Shop Until You Drop

The Breast Cancer Care website has a variety of products on its website which help them fund what they do. This ranges from food and drink to jewellery and beauty products – all of which come at affordable prices.

A fantastic group of sponsors have also come together to help the cause too, with Smint, Skechers, Elemis, Mission Deli, QVC, Linzi and Photobox all joining forces to help the fight against Breast Cancer.

You can view and buy products right here.

  • If you are worried about your breasts, or you’ve found a suspicious lump or bump, it’s advisable to book an appointment with your GP as soon as possible.