Botox For Breasts

A Botox-like breast procedure is becoming increasingly popular with celebrities just before they head out onto the red carpet. Stars of the big and small screen are supposedly heading into clinics in a bid to ensure their breasts look their best in their awards and opening night dresses and on the pages of newspapers and magazines.

What Does Breastox Botox Do?

Breastox-Botox, the procedure they are choosing to undergo, does not actually increase the size of a woman’s breasts significantly but stars believe it does make them look much firmer and more perky, boosting their appearance and confidence levels for when they appear before fans, fellow celebrities and the press.

The procedure takes less than half an hour and the effects should last for around six months. There have been no reported side effects, it does not leave scars and there is no recovery time needed after the injections, according to fans of the procedure.

It works by Botox being injected into a woman’s pectoral muscles. This relaxes them, leaving the shoulder and chest muscles in the surrounding area supporting the breasts. This alone gives the breasts an instant lift as the shoulders and chest take the strain.

The procedure is also said to be popular among women who are unhappy with sagging breasts after having a baby or breastfeeding and with those who have wrinkles in the area as a result of the natural ageing process or because of the effects of sun damage to the chest. It is also said to be favoured by those women who do not want to have surgery to improve the appearance of their breasts or do not have the time to properly recover from the procedure.

How Much Does It Cost ?

It currently costs around £1,000 to have the procedure but the results are only temporary and it cannot offer the size increase of a breast augmentation, although some advocates claim that it can make breasts appear up to a cup size larger. It is a procedure, however, that can be carried out without the need for a general anaesthetic, something that experts say is a factor of consideration for some women.

Experts say that Breastox-Botox works best on women whose breast fall within the A to C cup size category. It is these sizes that are likely to benefit most from the uplifting and firming effects.

At the moment the procedure is not widely available as many plastic surgeons say there is not yet the level of demand necessary for it to become a permanent addition to their list of services but if ordinary women decide to follow in the footsteps of the celebrities it may only be a matter of time before it starts being offered in more places.

According to figures the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons [ISAPS], Botox itself is currently the world’s most popular cosmetic treatment that does not involve surgery. British women alone underwent 45,464 procedures in 2013.