Tender Twenties


The gorgeous Gigi Hadid, 20, is a picture of youth and radiance

When you’re in your delightfully youthful twenties time is on your side, you need to focus on your beauty maintenance rather than anti-ageing. Now is the best time to get yourself into a skincare routine and break any potentially ageing bad habits! To kickstart your skincare regime use a gentle cleanser both morning and night, get into the habit of applying SPF daily (even in the winter) and most definitely stay away from sunbeds!

When it comes to enhancing natural beauty in your twenties your supplement focus should target healthy skin, hair and nails. Look out for ingredients such as Biotin which strengthens both hair and nails and evening primrose oil, an essential fatty acid that also promotes healthy skin, hair and nails! These fabulous supplements are sure to further enhance your your youthful glow and make you look even more radiant!

Thrifty Thirties


Sienna Miller glowing at 34, proving you can extend your youthful twenties glow into your thirties

Things start to get more serious in your thirties, your robust post-teen skin has been exposed to all those harsh aging elements for three decades and as we all know skin changes as we age. You can expect to see the first signs of ageing in your thirties due to sun exposure, pollution, stress, and loss of subcutaneous support (bye-bye copious amounts of collagen), all of these factors mean one thing, wrinkles. Wrinkles are, unfortunately, a natural part of ageing but, fortunately, there are things you can do to slow down this process. In addition to forming wrinkles, your skin can also become rough and dry, leading to redness and adult acne/breakouts this is where skincare and supplements come into play.

Time to supercharge your skincare, your skin can no longer survive on sparse moisturising and a lazy routine. Your skincare products need to contain active anti-ageing ingredients to help you fight against those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.Our Skinceuticals range offers an array of anti-ageing products packed full of pure, active ingredients scientifically proven to keep ageing at bay.

To combat ageing and other common skincare concerns you need to use premium supplements and include plenty of quality fats into your diet, especially omega-3 fatty acids. A high quality fish oil supplement will enhance radiance and the overall appearance of your skin, hair and nails.

Flawless Forties


Jennifer Aniston boasts a smooth and youthful complexion which she attributes to a healthy diet and a meticulous skin care regime.

Time to embrace the ageing process ladies! At this point your skin is well and truly getting into the swing of ageing, collagen is in even shorter supply and you’ve had another 10 years of environmental skin damage and stress since your 30th!

You need to turn your attention to your diet; a high sugar, high alcohol diet can be extremely ageing and detrimental to your health. Your diet should include plenty of oily fish, protein and nutrient dense vegetables. We recommend swapping your glasses of wine for water and your packet of crisps for some nuts, you’ll soon notice changes to your skin and wellbeing.

We all need a little helping hand when it comes to anti-ageing and this is where supplements offer a hand. There are lots of supplements available on the market and one that should be on your radar is a collagen based supplement. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin strength and elasticity, and, because it naturally declines as we age we require a top up to help keep skin looking youthful and vibrant. Our expert practitioners also recommend vitamin B6, vitamin E and fish oil supplements to help fight the battle against ageing.

Fabulous Fifties

elle macphereson.jpg

Elle Macpherson, 51, rewrites the rules of ageing after defying them for decades, this supermodel still turns heads!

Now you’ve reached your fabulous fifties you’ll have noticed your skin is getting drier and more fine lines and wrinkles are appearing, this is partly because fifty is the average age of menopause. Skin tends to lose oil and elasticity during the menopause meaning your skin will start to look drier, more dehydrated and generally lacking in lustre.

In your fifties you will start to notice your skin starting to hollow out under the eyes and in the cheek area, if you’re not opposed to a little needlework, dermal fillers can help to restore plumpness and volume in these areas, instantly making you appear more youthful. If you’re not ready to make a visit to your local aesthetic clinic high-quality skincare will help in reducing the appearance of fine lines, increase hydration and boost radiance. We recommend a cacophony of vitamin serums and moisturisers loaded full of active ingredients, scientifically proven to rid telltale signs of ageing.

After the menopause your body’s estrogen levels start to decline, to help combat this you need to eat foods rich in phytoestrogens such as flax seeds and legumes, these will help to keep your skin youthful and supple. When it comes to supplements an antioxidant-based supplement should not be overlooked, especially one that contains turmeric as this can help prevent arthritis and bone loss. Antioxidants help to defend against skin-damaging free radicals which accelerate the ageing process making it the perfect supplement for women over 50.

Scintillating Sixties

oliva newton john.jpg

Olivia Newton-John, 67, showing of her fabulously radiant glow and stunning complexion

You may have an army of grandchildren in tow, but that doesn’t mean you have to look the part. When it comes to sizzling at sixty experts agree that you must think pink when it comes to makeup and avoid going to blonde.

Your skincare and makeup should compliment your graceful ageing and not highlight any fine lines or wrinkles. Try to use an anti-ageing, serum enhanced foundation for your main coverage, use concealers sparingly as too much concealer around the eyes can accentuate any laughter lines you may have. Every lady in her sixties should adorn her cheeks and lips with subtle pink and peach hues, use a rose blush on the apples of your cheeks to give your face an instant lift.

We find that many women in their sixties come to us concerned about the lines around their lips and loss of volume in their cheeks, unfortunately, there is no wonder cream will treat these areas but there are skincare products that can improve the overall appearance of the skin. To rid lines around the mouth we suggest opting for a dermal filler, which will smooth out the lines above and below the lip area creating a perfectly natural look, it by far the best treatment for restoring definition of the lip line and ridding the wrinkles. At home you can combat ageing with a knockout skincare regime packed full of active ingredients and targeted treatments. As we age our skin gradually becomes drier and the best way to restore lost radiance and hydration is to invest in high-quality skincare such as Skinceuticals. Your skincare regime must contain vitamin A, B and C serums and a super hydrating moisturiser – this will help to keep your skin glowing for years to come!

If you feel like you’ve done all you can and you’re still struggling to fight the signs of ageing don’t worry, there are lots of other avenues ready to be explored. Whether it’s powerful skincare from the skincare giants Skinceuticals, anti-wrinkle injections, smoothing dermal fillers or even anti-ageing surgeries here at Elanic we offer the finest treatments and top practitioners to help you push back the years and reveal a more youthful looking you!

N.B. Dietary supplements may not be risk-free under certain circumstances. Be sure to consult your health practitioner before purchasing or taking any supplement especially if you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease.