The projected global sales of Botox are set to reach over £1.8 billion by 2018 and more people in their twenties are choosing to opt for Botox than ever before. This article explains why more and more ‘young’ people are trying to future proof their faces.

Botox still receives a lot of bad press, you only ever hear about the pitfalls and not the many success stories, but the treatment remains extremely popular. People often ask our practitioners what age they should start having Botox, and we normally respond by telling them that we generally treat people between the ages of 30 and 60. However, Botox is a treatment that is becoming more popular with people in their twenties and we can see some logic in that but we would never treat a patient that does not need anti-wrinkle injections.

Are Botox Patients Getting Younger

Botox does not get rid of wrinkles as such, but it does stop the lines being so defined, this is because it relaxes the facial muscles that are holding the lines in place. Our muscles have a memory and over the years, frowning, furrowing brows, pursing lips and even laughing repeatedly will cause our facial muscles to hold these frown or laughter lines in place. Wrinkle relaxing injections, Botox, work by relaxing the facial muscles and also limiting the repetitive facial movements, which cause wrinkles.

As the skin ages it loses volume and there’s also less collagen, our skin won’t bounce back from frowning like it used to! Botox actually works more effectively in younger skin, when it is still rich in collagen but this does not mean it doesn’t work on older people, treatment requirements are unique to each patient and their needs.

People who have Botox in their twenties are not really seeking to eradicate wrinkles, but are looking to future proof their skin in certain key areas to prevent wrinkles forming in later life.

Are Botox Patients Getting Younger

Put simply, Botox is being used by the younger generation as a preventative measure.

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