Alicia Douvall's Take On Cosmetic SurgeryRecently English model, businesswoman, actress and television personality Alicia Douvall appeared on ITV’s This Morning show to discuss her take on cosmetic surgery. The Celebrity Big Brother star is a self-confessed surgery addict and has had more than 350 cosmetic operations. Alicia first underwent her first procedure at the age of just 17 and as time went on she would regularly pay visits to the surgeons in search of the perfect body.

Her addiction to cosmetic procedures has led her in spending a whopping £1.2 million on surgery and despite her being warned several times to stop going under the knife the star could not control her addiction. During the interview Alicia admitted to lying to her family and friends to help fund her cosmetic procedures even as she knew things were getting out of hand. As surgeons questioned her age before carrying out the procedures she was forced to lie to them in order for them to carry out the surgery. Now the star is calling on surgeons to do more to stop vulnerable girls from going under the knife. Being a mother of two daughters Alicia is worried about her daughters following in her footsteps and is strongly advising young females to stay away from cosmetic procedures and to not make the same mistakes as she did.

“We should be teaching our daughters to embrace their differences,” she said during the interview whilst also adding “teaching that surgery is how you correct something is completely wrong.” In addition to this the star also revealed her disgust at the surgeons who repeatedly carried out the procedures on her saying “I am angry with the surgeons that have done this to me. I wish they had offered me counselling. I lied about my age, but I was a young girl and they didn’t need to put me on that path.” Alicia who was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder [BDD] which causes a person to have a negative view on how they look also stated that many women who consider cosmetic procedures are vulnerable and wants more restrictions to protect them. She is proposing an age restriction where anyone under the age of 21 cannot have a cosmetic procedure which can also help people to understand the risks of a particular procedure.

Alicia Douvall's Take On Cosmetic SurgeryAlicia went on to say that the surgeons should have a responsibility to explain the pros and cons of the surgery

they are carrying out on a patient as failure to explain this sufficiently could impact on their lives massively. In terms of her responsibility as a mother the star claims that her influence on her oldest daughter Georgia has so far had a positive impact. “My teenage daughter Georgia is the complete opposite to me, she has been with the same boyfriend for three years, is anti-plastic surgery and very studious. She is studying acting at Bath University and plans to do a masters and she’s been through more than a 19-year-old should have done, but it’s made her stronger and us much closer.”

Here at Elanic we strongly support Alicia’s thoughts on surgeons having a major responsibility before performing cosmetic procedures on patients. Our team of consultants and aesthetic practitioners are not only highly qualified but your wellbeing is our highest priority during and after your treatment.