Summer skin? Wanting to wear less makeup and opt for the natural summer glow look? Sometimes acne just creeps up on you, even when you feel as though you’re doing everything right. Drinking plenty of water and never ever even breaking the golden rule of gorgeous skin – sleeping in yesterday’s makeup. So why are you still getting those pesky breakouts? There are some secret skin sins that are messing with you complexion without you even knowing…

Here they are:

Acne How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Hot Showers

There are natural oils on the surface of your skin that act quite like a shield. These oils lock in moisture and also keep away the dirt that trying to get into your skin’s pores. While long hot showers are wonderful and feel like absolute bliss (especially during the cold winter days) they’re the culprits for ruining and breaking down the natural oils of your skin. Even the products you’re using in the shower may not be the nourishing skin creams they’re made out to be by the adverts. Perfumed soaps and lotions loaded with alcohol – it’s pretty self explanatory why your skin is feeling tight and stripped of moisture when you step out of the shower.

The fix: You don’t need to stop showering all together – but it’s advisable to lower the heat dial while showering and just opt for lukewarm water that isn’t going to break down your skin’s protective, natural oils.

Acne How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Dirty Pillow Cases

Pillowcases are one of the least thought of, but most popular culprits for encouraging spots and blemishes. Pillowcases are essentially a playground for all of the dirts and other things collected while you’re sleeping and during the day. For example; oils from your skin and hair, face creams, excess from any hair products you’ve been applying as well as sweat and drool. All of these bacteria are absorbed by your pillow and in turn, in constant contact with your skin while you’re asleep. This results in the clogging of your pores and leads to blemishes. Another thing to be aware of is dust mites, dust mites love to gather in your pillowcases which can leave your eyes looking itchy, red and swollen.

The fix: Change your pillowcases at least once a week. Wash them on a hot cycle to make sure to kill any mites or germs that may have taken refuge in there. This is especially important if you’re prone to oily skin because the likelihood is, there’s more natural dirt and germs on your pillows.

Acne How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Grubby Makeup Brushes

The oils on your face, dust and dirt from the bottom of your make up bags? They’re going to go somewhere and it’s more than likely on those lovely face brushes. The bristles of your brushes can pick up all of these elements while being stored in your bags or with products and when applying your daily face. Overtime, the bacterias collected in the bristles of your makeup brushes will clog and become a little dirt gathering. Spreading these across your face each time you apply your foundation, bronzers and various other products will result in breakouts and blackheads.

The fix: Wash those brushes. It may be a complete faff on and seem time consuming – but you should really be aiming to have them washed at least once every two weeks. In between washes it’s a good idea to spot clean with a brush cleansing spray. (Real Techniques do some good brush cleaning products and they’re not too expensive either).

Acne How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Phone Screens

Unexpectedly, phone screens can be pretty bad for your skin if you are always using them to make phone calls. Just like constantly touching your face, your phone screen is subject to all of the germs your hand encounter: Germy handrails, dusty computer keyboards, foods, public counters – all of these bacteria and dirt is just sitting at the tip of your fingers. So when you’re tampering with your phone’s screen and keypad and then decided to make a phone call – all of the germs and dirt is transferred again to your face. It’s a quick way to build up muck and grime on your skin resulting in spots beginning to surface.

The fix: Just keep your hands as clean as possible so there is less dirt to transfer, hand sanitiser, wipes – anything just to reduce the potential dirt on your hands and phone.

Acne How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Fancy Facial Products

Cleaning our faces and feeling all fresh is one of the reasons facial cleansers are so high in demand. If you have a generally oily complexion it seems like the done thing to opt for an intense cleanser in an attempt to banish all the dirt and oils. But getting rid of those oils on your face and damaging them can actually encourage pimples and spots. This is because by harshly stripping the oils from your skin, your body’s instinct is to overcompensate and produce extra oils to protect your skin but this results in more breakouts.

The fix: Purchase gentle, antibacterial cleansers that won’t be so harsh on your skin. Try to avoid face wipes where possible, at best they tend to just push the dirt around you face rather than actually removing it. If you intend on doing a deeper skin cleanse, try to limit these to a weekly affair rather than daily. This will prevent your skin constantly producing excess oils due to harsh oil stripping cleansers.

Acne How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Punishing The Pimples

It’s very easy when breakouts happen to want rid immediately, everyone want a quick fix to fantastic skin. Overloading your skin with with intensive spot/acne products can actually be detrimental to the healthy skin around your pimples. While these product are more than likely great at removing pimples quickly – the damage done to surrounding skin can leave it flakey and dry.

The fix: Opt for a targeted spot treatment. Something with a small application or that you can apply to just the pimple with ease. Products with small, precise applicators ensure that the pimple is treated and the skin is protected. Tea tree oil and witch hazel combined product are highly rated for blasting blemishes.