A Transfer Of Focus For 2014There’s no doubt that it is most common to hear about people undergoing cosmetic surgery in a bid to emulate the models on the pages of glossy magazines. Would it surprise you, then, to hear that the tides are changing and one of the biggest trends in the world of aesthetics right now is the adding of fat in a bid to boost a woman’s curves?

Fat transfer techniques such as the fat transfer breast enlargement procedures offered by Elanic, have seen an increase of more than 300 per cent in the last 12 months alone. It seems that many women now want to re-create the figures that graced the screens during the golden age of cinema rather than the stick-thin models that strut the catwalks today. The likes of Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor were renowned for their slim waists, rounded hips and natural breasts and it seems that more and more women are using fat transfer techniques to makeĀ themselves feel like a star.

What We Offer

Elanic offers the procedure in order to improve the size and shape of a woman’s breasts and cheeks but there is also the option to have fat inserted in other areas, such as the buttocks, in order to create a more rounded, voluptuous shape.

One of the best things about the procedure according to fans of the technique is that not only can it add much-wanted shape to areas of the body, it also involves the removal of fat from other parts where it is not so attractive. This fat can be used to improve and enlarge breasts as well as offering added uplift, if that’s what the client requires. There is no dependence on foreign materials being inserted into the body and no risk of achieving an unnatural look or feel.

Stars Who Have Used Liposuction

The fat is normally removed from either the thighs or the stomach, using gentle liposuction that most women would appreciate all on its own. This adds to the overall effect of the procedure and leads to a curvier, yet more slender, shape, emulating the figures enjoyed by the likes of current stars such as Kim Kardashian, of reality TV fame and pop sensations Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

The treatment is not the right procedure for women who want to increase their breast size by more than two cup sizes but it can be extremely useful for women who have always worried about having different sized breasts and those who have lost breast tissue as a result of breastfeeding.

There is no doubt that its popularity has also increased because no general anaesthetic is needed to have it carried out, making it quick and simple to transform a woman’s figure forever. Around two thirds of the fat injected will also last forever, minimising the need for future surgery, unless a woman requests a top-up or changes weight dramatically.

This kind of fat transfer procedure can also be used to plump up a person’s cheeks – the ideal solution for people who want to have the high cheekbones-look that Mother Nature did not provide.