A mother and daughter from Rugby have spent £56,000 on cosmetic and plastic surgery to look like their idol Katie Price. Georgina Clarke who is 38 and daughter Kayla Morris aged 20 have had multiple operations and treatments with the aim of looking like the popular model. Over the years there have been a few occasions where people have spent thousands on going under the knife to resemblance a look of a popular celebrity but there have been very few occasions when this sort of money has been spent.

Georgina give permission to her daughter to leave her education and become a stripper at the age of just 17 in order for her to save up for the cosmetic treatments. As Georgina wasn’t working at the time she wanted her daughter to raise the money and she happily obliged and paid for both of their treatments. In addition to her working as a stripper Kayla also had a fling with a sugar daddy in his 50’s with whom she agreed to a £800 per week wage in exchange of her companionship. Kayla and her sugar daddy boyfriend had kept in regular contact for a number of months and only recently split up as the man’s wife had found out about their secret arrangement. Before Kayla met up with the sugar daddy she was keen to make as much money as quickly as possible so she decided to pursue a job as a stripper in a Birmingham lap dancing club were her wage was £1,300 a week. As she received her wage she would regularly keep it in her savings account with the view of spending her earnings on cosmetic procedures.

£56,000 Surgery For Mother and Daughter To Look Like Katie Price

The pair has gone through numerous procedures which includes lip injections, cheek fillers, botox, teeth whitening, buttock implants and breast enhancement procedures. Despite having had all of those procedures the pair are still planning to have more surgery done later this year. Initially the pair was never interested in their appearance but that all began to change once they started to watch Katie Price’s television shows together. As Georgina has four kids in total she was mainly focused on being the best mum she possibly could but she discovered Katie’s television shows as well as seeing her on page 3 posing topless and she instantly wanted to be like her. Kayla admits that when she was young she was more interested in playing football and wearing baggy clothes but just like her mum she became obsessed with Katie Price too.

£56,000 Surgery For Mother and Daughter To Look Like Katie Price Image Two

The pair admit that the cosmetic procedures have brought them closer together and for Kayla her mum is her best friend. It allows them to spend more time together albeit at a very expensive cost. The pair has received widespread criticism due to how much they are spending and their appearance but they say it does not bother them in the slightest. In fact they are happy to receive the attention and are planning to have more treatments in the future. Currently both women are single but Kayla admits that she is looking for another sugar daddy that will help to pay for further treatments. Both Georgina and Kayla are happy with their current look but will not stop till they get the look they desire.

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