Skin is an amazing, and often brutally honest, reflector of your lifestyle. Whether you’re stressed, or tired; smoking, or not managing to get enough sleep; or whether you’re eating an antioxidant-packed diet, and have a great morning routine, your skin will show the telltale signs of your life. But fear not, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide of skin care tips to help you retain that healthy, happy glow to your skin.

1 – Start Young

10 Expert Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

Ageing happens; it’s an inevitable fact of life. Worried about that crease that’s appeared as if out of nowhere? Still want to have perfect, soft, wrinkle-free skin when you’re in your 30s and 40s? It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. It is estimated that a staggering half of a person’s UV exposure occurs by age 18!

It may seem obvious, but the skin you’re born with will be with you forever. Imagining that you can avoid taking care of it until you’re 40, and that you’ll have ageless, flawless skin, is, unfortunately, a myth. Protecting yourself from UV rays with SPF from as early an age as possible will ensure that you’ll have the best start to healthy skin for the rest of your life.

2 – Stay Active

10 Expert Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

In most of our day-to-day lifestyles, we are on a constant treadmill of busyness, which tends to leave us lacking time on the treadmill at the gym. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and staying active, can have a huge effect on your skin. There is very little argument between doctors, nutritionists, and fitness instructors that regular and varied exercise can help you retain a healthy complexion, as well as helping your general health and wellbeing. Try and squeeze even 10 minutes of exercise into every single day, and you’ll notice the difference in your skin. There are a variety of exercises that will help your skin: cardiovascular exercises are best for removing stored fat content, and will give your skin a glowing, more supple, look. They also help remove toxins! Try jogging, or going for a quick walk with your dog.

If you don’t already practice yoga, it’s time to get yourself involved. Yoga involves a balance of exercise and meditation, and many of the poses encourage blood flow and circulation to your face, refreshing and oxidising your skin. Yoga also has other positive benefits that you may not have expected, such as helping to fight food cravings, and improving your sleeping patterns.

3 – Always Wear Sunscreen

10 Expert Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

It may seem like overkill, especially in a country like the UK, but UV rays still penetrate those grey London skies. There are few more inexpensive, and useful skin care techniques than simply wearing SPF 30 every day. Most of what we describe as ‘ageing’ skin is a result of years and years of sun damage. The detrimental effect of UV damage is cumulative, so every single time you expose your skin to the sun you are adding to the negative impact it’s having on your radiant appearance. If you’re in your 30s, and looking to undo some of the damage that the sun has had on your skin, skin care professionals can tailor products to help repair damaged skin, but always try to protect yourself with SPF.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Hale, clinical associate professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine, “you should use approximately two milligrams of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin.” It is a small change to a daily routine to wear sunscreen, but it will have long lasting benefits for your skin. Start today!

4 – Don’t Smoke

As if the fact that cigarettes have been proven to contain at least 69 cancer causing chemicals wasn’t enough reason to quit, or not even start, smoking, the health benefits for your whole body, especially your skin are amazing. Smoking causes wrinkles around your lips and restricts blood flow to your skin, which makes your skin look older. Smoking also causes damage to collagen and elastin, which are the fibres that keep your skin looking elastic and healthy. We’re all aware of the dangers of smoking to general health, but if you’re looking to take care of your skin, don’t even go near cigarettes, even e-cigarettes.

5 – Wear Less Makeup, or None at All

Reducing the amount of makeup you wear on a daily basis can have huge benefits for your skin. Excessive makeup can prevent oxygen from reaching your pores, leaving your skin looking lifeless, and therefore needing more makeup to give you that radiant look – it’s a vicious cycle. If you’re willing to go makeup free, you won’t regret it – the fresh faced look may be daunting at first, if you’ve always been used to wearing a lot of makeup, but the long term skin benefits of not wearing makeup make it very worth while.

6 – Get plenty of Sleep

10 Expert Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

Sleep is your body’s chance to repair itself after the battering it’s taken throughout the day. Getting a full nights sleep has numerous benefits for your body and for your skin. It reduces your stress levels, especially if you combine it with a good yoga routine, which in turn reduces damage to skin cells caused by stress hormones. Although it can be difficult to always get a full 7 hours of good sleep, it’s worth making the effort to achieve it, to allow your skin to repair damage from toxins and trauma.

7 – Don’t Sleep With Makeup On

10 Expert Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

It’s a bad habit that we’ve all got into at times, but ensuring that you don’t sleep with makeup on is hugely important for your skin care routine. As sleep is the time your body uses to repair itself, keeping it covered with makeup all night prevents the natural processes that would replenish your skin.

8 – Eat a healthy Diet

10 Expert Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

You’re exercising, getting plenty of sleep and lathering yourself in SPF 30 every day. There’s no doubt that these routines will help your skin, but your skin, as a reflector of your lifestyle and health, will be hugely affected by the food and drink that you consume. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, grains and proteins. Cutting down on your saturated fat, and eating less meat, can have a big impact on your skins appearance.

Fruit and vegetables have long been documented to contain an abundance of health-improving vitamins, minerals and fibre – eat more of them! If your body is healthy, your skin will look healthy.

9 – Antioxidants

10 Expert Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

As well as a healthy, fruit-and-vegetable-packed diet, purposefully eating foods that are stuffed full of antioxidants will help you retain healthy, young-looking skin. There are a wealth of options out there that will help you get your fix of antioxidants, but some of the best are: Green Tea, vitamin C and vitamin E. It is worth noting that antioxidants have been proven to work better for your skin when combined with other antioxidants, so make sure you’re getting a good variety of antioxidant rich foods in your diet.

10 – Manage Stress

10 Expert Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing Now

Stress can cause all manner of problems for your skin, including acne outbreaks and other skin problems. Try setting reasonable goals for yourself, and, if you can, get stuck in to hobbies that you enjoy – especially if you can make a career from them. It’s easier said than done, especially if you’re a go-getting city worker, but reducing your stress levels will have long lasting benefits for your skin, as well as your relationships and wellbeing. Smile and enjoy life, it will show!

Following these simple lifestyle and diet tips will help you achieve great looking skin. If you’re interested in discovering the benefits of a bespoke, tailored skin care regime, talk to an expert at Elanic, who will examine your skin and discuss the most suitable products for your skin and lifestyle.